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Laso unites oregon lambretta riders

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Words by Darcy Stjernberg, LCUSA Ambassador for Oregon

The 2020 Lambretta Appreciation Society of Oregon annual ride was anything but normal. Traditionally scheduled in June, the 2020 LASO ride happened to coincide with the first summer of the pandemic. Rather than the normal plan of having a structured one-day ride through the winding hills of Oregon, this became more of a loose fitting two-day event with every attempt to maintain social distancing and COVID protocols. With so many larger events in the country being cancelled, everyone had the itch to ride while doing so responsibly.

Friday evening started with a wrenching session and BBQ event hosted by Tom T where last minute work happened on a few Lambrettas. Tom smoked some brisket and ribs as well as provided vegan options and there were sides galore.

Saturday opened with coffee and donuts provided by Tom Carey and Julie Goodrich. The day’s ride kicked off from Tom C’s house with upwards of twenty-five Lambrettas. We were fortunate to have a support vehicle that was able to scoop up and assist a couple of the Lambrettas along the way. Rudy Perez and Tom Carey did a great job mapping and proofing the 80-mile route that included approximately 1100 feet of elevation changes, including city streets, long and fast straights, and sweeping corners with switchbacks. The group primarily stayed together, while a few took advantage of their tuned engines and others just enjoyed the Saturday ride. We all met back at Tom T’s where the festivities continued.

Stay tuned for more information on LASO 2021 scheduled for June 26, 2021

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08 de mar. de 2021

Nice work Darcy!


Wow - great write up!

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