club history

The Lambretta Club USA was established in 2003. Pryor to 2003 there were various attempts to form a national club  were mostly in the west coast. The LCUSA's earliest member numbers come from these longtime Lambretta enthusiasts. One must remember from the day Innocenti closed it's doors in 1971 until the late 90's, the glue needed to hold a club together over such a vast place like the USA was an extremely difficult task. Today we have ready access to all the parts and knowledge needed to ride our Lambrettas. The LCUSA and our website is a place where new and old enthusiast can physically or virtually meet to share in all things Lambretta.


The current LCUSA was started in 2003 as a Yahoo! group by Alex MacKenzie. Members of the group wanted to start an official club. Our first team of board officers were: Missi Kroge (treasurer) , Abbi Isrealsen (secretary), Craig Bachler (vice president), and Benjamin "Jay" Fichialos (president). Supported by Jon Kroge, Casa Lambretta's USA's mechanic in 2003, & Alex, the officers organized the very 1st Lambretta Jamboree In Miami 2004. It was a modest event under 40 scooters attended- including Vespas! Our earliest Jamborees were very different from what we do now, for example in 2006 the LCUSA teamed up with the Vespa Club of America in Denver for the "Amerivespa/Lambretta Jamboree". In 2007 we teamed up we the New York area scooterists for "Death to Gotham/Lambretta Jamboree". 


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting  the preservation and enjoyment of Lambretta scooters. The growth of our club can be attributed to the enthusiasm and support of our members.  Fostering friendships and sharing knowledge with like-minded Lambretesti, the LCUSA proudly strives to serve it's members and supporters by being on the forefront of technology, information, and source of all things Lambretta.


Jay Fichialos- President 2003 (one year)

Craig Bachler - Vice President 2003-05

Missi Walker - Treasurer 2003-07

Abbi Israelsen - Secretary 2003-07

Kieran Walsh - President 2004-2007

Missi Walker - Treasurer 2003-07

Abbi Israelsen - Secretary 2003-07

Kieran Walsh - President 2008-2011

Jen Obal - Secretary 2008-2010

Christina Sacco - Secretary 2010-2011

Darren Berry- President 2012-2015

Mike Anhalt- Vice President 2012-2015

Greg Covey - Treasurer 2012 ( one year )

Kieran Walsh- Secretary 2012-2015

Peter Lundgren -- President 2015-2019

Rudy Perez- Vice President 2015- 2019

Greg Covey - Treasurer (INACTIVE)

Kieran Walsh- Secretary 2015-2019

Joe Barthlow VP (interim)


Joe Barthlow - President

Patrick Birke - Vice President

Tom Cary - Treasurer

Kieran Walsh - Secretary