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Help lcusa

Lambretta Club USA is a member driven organization. What you put into it, you get out of it...

Every aspect of the club needs your help. From developing content for our website to helping out with Jamboree to mentoring a younger rider, Lambretta Club USA is what you make of it. The following are some areas of need which may be of interest...


Content is king and we're looking at membership to help us produce tuning articles, ride and rally reviews, product reviews, historical articles, and conduct interviews. 


Great photography is high priority in showcasing our love for Lambrettas. 

Videography/Video Editing

Like photography, we're looking for talented members with video skills to shoot and/or edit video.


We're also looking for web savvy pros to help with design and the backend to keep the site up and buzzing.

Event Volunteer

We can always use a hand, especially at Jamboree. Whether helping with the store, sign up, chase truck or the raffle, we can always use a hand to keep the show going!

Archive Additions

We're always seeking new additions to our archive, be it owner manuals, shop manuals, specification documents, dealer documents/records, catalogs, old stories of Lambrettas for magazines no longer published, vintage tuning articles, old photos of Lambrettas and their riders...

Anything Else?

You bet. If would like to help out, give us a shout. If you have a new idea, share it as well. Feel free to send us a message.


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