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Membership INFOrmation

Outside of being a member of the finest national club in the world, you'll also receive:

  • Club patches and decals

  • The ‘Specialist’ member's magazine (published twice per year)

  • Lambretta Jamboree registration discounts

  • Member discount at the Club Store

  • Access to Tech Forums

  • Access to the club archive of rare parts manuals, workshop manuals, model owner's manuals, original specification information, paint codes, and more

  • Access to ‘Veloce’ on-line magazine

  • Access to purchase tickets to Euro-Lambretta Jamboree tickets

  • Exclusive offers from key partners


Annual membership/renewal fees:

United States residents: $30

Canadian residents: $35

European residents: $40

Other residents: $45

We now accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Only one membership can be purchased per person per site logon. If you need to purchase a membership for a spouse or other acquaintance, it must be purchased under their own personal logon account for this site. If they don't have a logon for this site, one must be created for them prior to purchasing their membership. Please contact LCUSA if you have any questions about either purchasing a membership or creating a logon account for this site.

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