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Logging In to this site

Logging In:

To access most of this site and to post or reply in the forums, you need to be signed in. When you join LCUSA, you have an account. While you will be logged in most of the time, sometimes it will log you out. Some people get confused with logging in. While logging in with Facebook or Google account is possible, we don't advise it. Use your email and password you signed up with. Here's what the window looks like:


You'll want to click on the "Already a member? Log In" link, circled above. Then follow the “log in with email prompt." If using Chrome on your computer and phone, it can store your password.


Then click the button circled above "Log in with Email"


Either enter your info or save in your browser. It's that easy. Some accidentally click on "Sign up with Email" which will give you the message your email is already used on the site. Easy mistake to make. 

Still having log-in issues? Hit the message box below and let us know.


Fitting issues

On older phones, Wix sites have issues with pages slightly larger than the screen. simple using your thumb and index finger, "pinch the screen to shrink it to size. Using a newer phone (last couple years), pages fit fine on a phone screen.

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