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lambretta jamboree 2024 

Bristol, VA/TN  June 27-30, 2024

Bristol, VA/TN  June 27-30, 2024, VA


hotel information

The Sessions Hotel, is our Jamboree H.Q.

833 State Street, Bristol, VA 24201


Nestled on State Street's vibrant pulse, this captivating boutique hotel beckons you to a Jamboree of southern enchantment. Experience modern, spacious accommodations and indulge in other features including greenspaces, rooftop bar, and an onsite restaurant. For a delightful touch, enjoy nostalgic melodies with a Victrola vinyl player delivered to your room. Prepare for a memorable stay; we eagerly await your presence at this extraordinary destination!

Host Hotel: The Sessions Hotel (833 State Street, Bristol, VA 24201)

Group base rates:

$159 rooms - For Single King (all other rooms sold out)

Dates with applicable group rate: Thursday June 27 through Saturday June 29th (Checkout Sunday).


Default date range auto populates Thurs-Sun, but you can modify the dates. 

Reservations (Online only):

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