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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

We've all dreamed of riding a Lambretta across Europe to a rally. For LCUSA member Grahame Fowler, it's a regular occurrence. Here's his journey from London to Libramont, Belgium for Euro Lambretta Jamboree 2022. Word/Photos by Grahame Fowler.

Libramont / Euro lambretta rally tour 2022

Friday, May 20

NY to London

Saturday, May 21

London to Surrey

Prep the BSG 305 and sort out spares and tools etc.

Sunday, May 22

More scooter prep work and dry pack scooters for the run to Portsmouth to catch the

21-30 pm ferry to Bilbao, 65 mile run, all good, rejig the luggage en route.

Monday, May 23

All day on the boat , reserved a 4 bed cabin so lots of time to read and stroll the

Decks. 33 hour journey!!

Tuesday, May 24

Arrived Bibao, very calm crossing, thank goodness, arrive at 06-00. Pack scoots up and depart ferry. Headed to Jaca/first stop, on highway scoots starts to jump out of gear, or is it fuel starve or an airleak? Not sure so get off highway and take the small roads. Get to hotel at 5-30 and investigate engine to see if chain is slipping or misaligned. All is good so button it back up, shower, bite to eat and early night. 200+ miles covered today and the weather was ok no rain but cloudy.

Wednesday, May 25

Jaca to Andorra in the Pyranees. 225miles covered it was a long day. HT cap bounced off going down a hill in middle of nowhere coasted to a stop by a small garage in a village. Replaced HT cap with a nipple type and replaced the plug at same time, a pain to get to the plug on this engine as you have to remove the shock to gain access. Evening in Andorra at the MAGIC hotel. Still issue with the drop in gear box / power at 6500 rpm, I’m thinking its either slide dog gear related or an air leak to be investigated further, have arranged to pick up a spare slide dog form a courier office just south of Andorra from Jaime / Barcelona.

Thursday, May 26

Andorra to Perpignan across the Pyranees, 140 miles what a ride on the N116 over the border and into France. Lots of gendarmes at the border checking cars they wave us through. Met a bunch of French bikers who are intrigued by our scooters and intended journey. Arrive hotel by the seaside just south of Perpignan. Very lucky to get a hotel as it’s a national holiday weekend and everything is booked up!! Not many miles covered but the hills and twistys make us very hungry. Supper by the med whats not to like and the weather? Gods are on our side .

Friday, May 27

Perpignan to Montpelier 120 miles, still issues at 60-65 mph but keep rolling find a very nice 5 star hotel for the night right on the beach, Plage Palace, fantastic hotel and a very civilized supper. Weather is fantastic .

Saturday, May 28

Montpelier to JPM house to review my running issues, scoot is on his stand in the garage and go though all , carb off and thoroughly clean, replace carb rubber manifold and reseal. Tighten down all four bolts on reed manifold and check the timing. Tighten all wheel nuts and put air in tires. Button all up and have lunch with JP and his lovely wife. Good pit stop. then on to Avignon and stay the night. Approx. 85 miles covered .

Sunday, May 29

Avignon to Entre-Deux-Guiers,152miles. Some great roads get off the N7 as its too crowded!! Clutch cable snaps, so quick pull over and swap out and some light maintenance on Nicks scooter, rear bulb and adjust front brakes, tighten wheel nuts and air in tires, which we do every morning, my rear tire is very worn and might just make the rally before I have to replace, I am carrying two spare tires as per usual LOL. Need to buy 2T oil as running low. Stay at a very funky farmhouse owner has donkeys as pets. Eat in the village 4 KM down the road, full of local piss head drunks but the food was excellent.

Monday, May 30

Chambray to Djion, 158 miles

Great weather and I think I cured the over-revving at 65 mph carb rubber and or reed manifold bolts. Lunch in Ambronay, salad and chicken kebab and a bottle of badoit AA++. Tough last hour riding on very small by roads now in hotel and very tired in Djion.

Tuesday, May 31

Djion to Verdun, 160 miles

Good riding on the D74, nicks Plug HT wire came off, so we stopped to replace Both and replace plug and off we go, All good weather wise and we make it to Verdun at by 5-00 pm. Bought oil en route no issues, great Hotel bang in the middle of the town, supper in Verdun and we decide to spend an extra day in Verdun and be tourists for a day, Lovely town with lots of first world war history.

Wednesday, June 1

Verdun, 0 miles

Super relax day, meet Felix and 2 chaps from Spain and also a bunch of lads from Southend, all headed to the rally, first scooterists we have seen in over 10 days.

Thursday, June 2

Verdun to Bertrix 70+ miles

The run up to our hotel just outside of Libramont where the Euro rally is located. Drop bags at hotel and head to Rally site to sign-in and do some light maintain, gear oil change and replace rear tire etc etc. Starting to see scooters arrive.

Friday, June 3

30+ miles

Run to rally site and pick up goody bag and sign on etc. Bit chaotic, no dealers, no one selling parts? Very odd, handed out some oil seals and jubilee clips to folks who needed parts, but no one selling tires or oil or plugs, nothing? Trevor from Camlam shows up on my Targa Twin 290! What a beast!!

Saturday, June 4

30+ miles

Run around the area with Trevor and his mate and have lunch in Bertrix omlette avec frites!! Ride back to rally site and catch with some old faces. Not a big gala dinner person so we bail on that and eat local. Early start tomorrow 05-30 and the weather is somewhat ominous.

Sunday, June 5


05-30 am start, cup of coffee and load up the scoots and off we go at 06-30, just as we pull onto the roads the heavens open up and the roads become very slippery! We hit the motorway to Calais for the tunnel train and after an hour it gets treacherous weather wise , so we pull off the motorway and take small roads to Calais, although it would appear that every small village we encounter has decided to hold a summer fete and thus we are detoured around the villages, Nightmare! We bite the bullet and jump back on the motorway for the last 40 miles to Calais. Make the 2-15 train and once in UK after two fuel stops we are back at Nicks house for 5-00pm . Quick change and a cab and I am back in London at the Chelsea arts club for 7-30pm Quick fish and chip supper and Im in bed by 21-00, sleep a solid 12 hours and awake refreshed ready for a day in London. What a trip, approximately 1784 miles covered and 11 liters of 2T oil used and a bag full of great memories ON THE ROAD on a Lambretta scooter across 5 countries. EPIC! What a riding partner Nick Jordan , thanks mate. X G.

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Spectacular ride and write-uo Mr G!

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