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LALO Sees Strong Turnout in East Bay. Oakland/Berkeley, CA, Saturday, May 8, 2021. Words by Janel Holiday, Pics by Jordan Le Boeuf, Video by Jon Waters.

It would have been easy to not make the trek over the Bay Bridge and remain in that "pandemic close to home/home surroundings" but I am so glad I pushed myself to get back out there for my first larger gathering of scooting with friends. The organizers of this year's LALO put on a beautiful ride that had us driving through tree lined residential neighborhoods and dropping back into the backside of the East Bay Hills. For 75 miles we zipped through city neighborhoods and twisted and turned through redwoods and giant oaks, leaving a pretty hefty cloud of blue smoke behind (sorry, Earth). This time big smiles behind helmets, not masks. It is easy to forget the collection of memories and visuals that make these rides so fun, be it the irritated cyclists waving their hands in front of their face to let you know they don't like the two stroke smoke, the stop and go on sides of roads where you have a quick conversation with a long-time friend, the dappled light coming in through the trees and hitting the road *just right* so you can't really see any potholes... all these minor things that make up the bigger picture of just how lucky we are to be amongst a collective group of people from all walks of life that share in the love of these vintage Italian beauties. it was a beautiful day shared with old and new friends.

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