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Lambretta Jamboree

Lambretta Jamboree Organization and Planning Guide

Where to start


Choose a date. The Lambretta Jamboree goes from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. Once a date is chosen, review it with club administration. Typically, the Jamboree is held sometime in late June or July but depending on your climate, you may need to move it to the fall or spring if weather in the summer is painfully hot. If you choose to throw a camping Jamboree, make sure you select a time of year that is not too hot or too wet. 

Negotiate accommodations. Traditionally it’s been all hotels each year. Camping is not off the table, just yet to be attempted, but we have had inquiries, if you choose camping, make sure there is a hotel nearby as many will prefer a hotel. If you choose a hotel, have suggestions nearby for those who want to RV or camp. Typically, the hotel is the rally headquarters so consider adequate parking, space to host registration, gathering space, club store, vending, etc. Cost is also always an issue so we ask that hotels be moderately priced for your market. The more expensive the hotel, the smaller Jamboree attendance will be from past experiences. 

We can design a logo and postcard, or if you have an artist the LCUSA must approve the design. Logo should be easily used as both the patch and as a medallion. Medallion art can be a variation of the logo. MUST include Lambretta Club USA, Location (city/ state) and year. 

Determine a basic outline of events this will be for the postcard and club website. This will include dates, accommodations, location and a general outline of the Jamboree. This does not need to be specific initially as it will be used for early promotion. 

Required events during the Jamboree 


• Thursday evening meet and greet. Does not need to be much more than a location where people meet and socialize. If you want to do more than that, you are more than welcome. 


• Friday daytime ride or event. Dinner and drinks location for evening. Food/drinks are  not included in the registration fee. Friday night outing.


• Saturday At some point hosting an hour long members meeting is a must. Morning before events is best. Location can be at the hotel in a conference room, a central meeting area, etc or a nearby park with a pavilion, with restrooms and seating. 


• Saturday afternoon ride or event.  Two rides are fine -short & long, fast & slow depending on the local area. But the faster scooters may want a longer faster ride. Of course if it is one ride that’s ok if it’s doable for all Lambretta models.


• Time on Saturday to judge scooters for awards and for attendees to vote for people’s choice. Can also be combined with open vending and parts swap meet if you choose to include that as part of the weekend. 


• Saturday evening banquet and awards ceremony. Both meat and vegan options are required for the meal.  DJ’s, music, bands, etc… and a lively atmosphere is expected. We will need a  sound system for awards and raffle. 

• Sunday- Anything from just a simple place to meet for breakfast to a full afternoon ride and lunch location. 

Marketing a Jamboree 

As the hosting club or local group, it will be your responsibility to market the Lambretta Jamboree. The club will help you in any way we can. We will send out email blasts, print advertisements in the club magazine for you, etc. The following is a list of things we typically do for hosts. 

• Official Jamboree Facebook event page will be set up by the club.

• The information will be on

• Provide (or approve)  all art for main logo, postcard, medallion, t-shirt, patch, sponsor/welcome banners 

• LCUSA will post updates about the Jamboree on both Facebook and on the forum. 

• Thank you to the sponsors of the raffle scooter, raffle and rally itself on both facebook and the club forum. This MUST be done.  

• During the planning process zoom meetings will be held to discuss updates, news, information,  and questions as they arise. 


Volunteers needed to properly host the Jamboree 


By far the most difficult part of throwing a Jamboree is getting the proper help needed to do it successfully. We have found the easiest way to do this is by dividing the workload up to smaller jobs. As long as each person completes the job they agreed to do, the entire Jamboree as a whole will be a success. 

Planning Committee: 

• Designate 1 person in charge of the rally. They will be in charge of the overall rally, answering questions by volunteers and planners and serve as a key point of contact for administration leading up to and during the Jamboree. They will also make sure all the tasks assigned to them are being completed in a timely manner. 



• 1 or 2 people plan the rides. This allows them to focus solely on mapping the riding routes during the Jamboree. They should be aware of any construction projects and detours leading up to the Jamboree and be prepared to change and reroute the rides as necessary. They will lead the rides during the rally and also submit maps to be distributed in the rally bags or at registration.  An actual pre-ride the day before the Jamboree may ensure the roads and routes are ready for a large group ride. 

• 1 or 2 people to get sponsors for the  raffle and other rally needs. They will collect the prizes and items along with information about the sponsor for promotional purposes (logo, website, etc). They will need to keep track of everything donated,& who donated it. The club will do shout outs to sponsors on social media and send out thank you cards/emails to all the sponsors following the rally. 

• 1 or 2 people line up food, camping/hotel accommodations and securing venues for all of the activities. During the event, they may need to do decorating, working with caterers, picking up food and making sure we have a PA for both the meeting and the awards and raffle. 


During the rally 

•Selected club members to staff registration table. Registration is generally open on Thursday late afternoon for early birds, all day Friday and Saturday morning for a few hours. People can rotate as long as everyone working has a basic grasp of what to do. You will need to provide a table and if it will be outside you will need a canopy for shade. We also ask that you have space plus a table and tent for the club store near the registration table and that they both stay in the same location all weekend.

• Selected club members will be selling raffle tickets all weekend 

• A dedicated ride support vehicle is required during all the rides. 


Setup group text system to notify attendees where and when events are occurring throughout the weekend. You will need to notify people at registration how to opt-into it and assign someone to be in charge of sending out updates all weekend as to where and when the next event will be.


Basic Timeline and Checklist 

1 Year to Jamboree: 

- Have logo,  hotel, date.

- Start on Raffle Scooter if applicable 

9 Months to Jamboree ( or earlier)

- Postcards distributed to all shops and in all LCUSA mailings 

- Raffle scooter parts list submitted to the club 

- Determine member and non-member registration fees so pre-registration can  begin. 

- Start securing venues if they have not already been reserved.

8 Months to Jamboree 

- Start contacting raffle sponsors to deliver prizes.  The actual raffle scooter parts list will have been submitted to the shops by the club.

- Patch, medallion and T-shirt art due for review by LCUSA

- Start on awards to reviewed by LCUSA

3 Months to Jamboree 

- Finalize Rally Schedule

- Ensure Raffle Sponsorship is adequate. Seek new sponsors and follow up with sponsors who committed but never sent anything.

- Order Patches


3 Weeks to Jamboree 

- Close registration

- Order T-shirts 

- Print Banners and sponsorship thank you banner

1 Week to Jamboree 

- Print Registration check-in sheets & waiver. 

- Print Maps/Itinerary

- Pack Rally Bags 


• Do volunteers have to pre-register and pay? Yes, as a matter of fact everyone must register &  pay. Anyone who is there to partake of the event must pay even if they are only planning to do it for a day, we had a spouse rate in the past but this has been removed. We are a volunteer run organization. In short, no freebies.

• No other makes. This is a Lambretta-only event but we encourage those curious to come see what it’s all about. They usually buy a Lambretta shortly afterwards.😉 


• What is the budget? It is all dependent on the number of attendees. In addition the Saturday banquet includes any facility rental fees. T-shirts generally cost us $6-$8/each. Try and budget awards to cost around $25 or less each. You may or may not have a facility rental fee on Friday night depending on what you schedule. Don’t be afraid to ask the administration if something is a reasonable or unreasonable price or a necessary cost. Our budgets are set after the proposal is approved. All costs must be approved by LCUSA and all contracts signed by LCUSA.

- Raffle Scooter costs can usually be offset through donations from sponsors for parts, paint, etc. Reach out to the club administration before committing to purchase a scooter to raffle or to get the scooter painted. We understand that scooters cost money to build, but work with the administration before committing to those costs or spending your own money. 

- No money should ever be spent or promised to buy items or pay for services. When money is to be spent by the club for anything we will need to know ahead of time, receipts will be needed as well.


• Can I book (insert some band or DJ) for $8,000? No, that is way beyond our budget. Discuss booking any band or DJ that requires payment with the club administration prior to booking. We have booked some killer bands in the past, but it is very dependent on how many people we anticipate will be in attendance. 


• Can the hosting club or buy raffle tickets?  Yes! Also when it comes to the raffle only registered jamboree attendees may win any prizes.

Any questions regarding Jamboree proposals, please email

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