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    Thee Lambretta Club would like to present our submission for Lambretta Jamboree 2018 in Seattle.Members of our club have participated in planning rallies here in Seattle for decades as members of LGG, VCOS, R-Gang, and several other local clubs. From AmeriV3$p@, to Scooter Insanity or Meant to Offend.
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    The Bay Area members are proud to present our bid for Lammy Jammy 2018 in Santa Carla (Santa Cruz), California. http://lostboyslcusa.weebly.com https://www.facebook.com/lammyjamy2018 The Raffle Scooter will be a Luna line. You can guarantee it'll be unusual! We have decided to extend beyond the traditional rally and are using some experiences from Australia (That big Island in the South Pacific). We'll be running a Mille before the actual rally. This will be for those who fancy the challenge of 1000km (660miles) in 2 days around beautiful Californian countryside. No freeways, no GPS allowed, and specific places must be visited. We know this is not for everyone, and will be charged as an extra (Usually around $30 or $40). There will be support vehicles, but we welcome any help with that. A day off (Because you are completely buggered) Thursday, various meeting points around the bay area (Currently Oakland, San Francisco and South Bay) Friday, all meeting points set out and merge creating an ever bigger group of riders. San Fran and Oakland meet. Then SF, Oakland and San Jose. This group then rides en masse to Santa Cruz. Friday night - entertainment and drinks Saturday Morning - breakfast and Santa Carla Lost Boys Treasure Hunt Saturday Afternoon - Show & Shine on the boardwalk Saturday Evening - the main attraction (May be AGM), dinner, presentations, entertainment (Live band and DJ's). We have tentatively booked Chris Pope and The Chords UK. The Chords were a major UK Mod Band from 1979 to 1982. Chris was the major song writer for the band, and continued to write songs and record with a new band called Pope and now has The Chords UK which plays a mixture of old favourites and newer material. https://www.facebook.com/chris.pope.9615 https://www.facebook.com/groups/43805589051/?ref=br_rs Sunday morning - Breakfast and ride in the afternoon Sunday evening - More drinks and food and close Monday - go home We've already started looking for locations and we can find just about every form of a place to stay, including camping. You can bring your family, there's plenty to do. Northern California in July. Beach, Sand, bars, movie theatres, the boardwalk, even steam trains up in the redwoods! There's plenty to do. It may seem strange that a recent import is posting this, but I'm just lending my experience. We have group of committed people willing to help and organise this. Hope we can put this on for you, and hope to see you there! Scooter Lui Lambretta Innocenti - dal mare-puIH_gpi7X0.mp4
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    Hard to believe that's the same bent up rust pile from Colorado. Nicely done Mike.
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    We had 9 Lambrettas show up. 2 of them were on there first long ride. 1 dude burned his clutch up cause he had it adjusted way too tight. I readjusted it and he made it about 50 miles. He burned it up on the way there....
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    About 45 is when the body starts to fight and punish you for the bad things you've done to it. Have fun.
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    May 6 saw a record number of Lambrettas participate in TDC's Oregon 100 Regularity Trials Rallye in Eugene. LCUSA's very own Ming Koh took home top honors with the best overall time aboard his DL200. A great weekend for vintage scootering. TDC will announce details for the 2018 Oregon 100 RT later this Fall http://www.topdeadcentersc.com.
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    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lammyjammy2018/
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    WhatUp Lambretta club Some of you know about Daniel Smith getting the Silver Special Lambretta. I saw this scooter a number of years back at a rally. The scooter was complete, but a bit crusty. If I remember correct, the guy wanted to get it worked on, but didn’t have the extra cash at the time. 2017 Daniel gets the scooter, hopping to start riding it right away. That didn’t happen? The reason? The motor needs rebuilding! It’s a good thing he didn’t keep trying to ride it, because there were a number of things wrong, that needed to be fixed immediately. Here’s where my story starts. Daniel needed a parts list. I couldn’t make the list until I got the Dam rear hub off! It was like, welded on. I tried all of my old school tricks. It wouldn’t come off. It’s time to finally buy a Lambretta hub puller tool! I went online to buy the tool, and every shop was sold out. I didn’t want to stop working, so I made one. I went to Lowe’s and picked up, 3mm thick washers that would fit over the rear hub axle threads perfect. I got lucky with this washer because drilling the center hole out would have been a pain. This 3mm thick washers had a UAJ stamp on it. It should be easy to find. I picked up 1½ inch bolts to fit in the hub’s three pulley holes. I found this Harbor Freight, Tie Rod/Pitman Arm Puller. It look like it might work, with what I was thinking of doing. I use regular paper to make a template. You can use the washers center for a guide to cut out your starter hole or make a punch tool out of a old socket like I did. This is the only times dirty parts come in handy. Place the paper over the hubs axle and simply rub your finger over the area to make the hole pattern mark. This part is very important. The punch marks has to be center. I taped the pattern to the washer. Then flipped it over to make the punch marks. To save time drilling out the washers. I use vice grips to hold them together. I needed something to lineup washers and found the backend of a socket worked great for this. Using a drill press for this part is the only way to go. If I drill it with a hand drill, I would have broken every drill bit I own. Most of you hardcore gear-heads know to start with a small drill bit first. The last drill bit size I used was 9/32. I had to modify the puller arms, to center the puller on the hubs axle. The puller worked great. That Silver Special rear hub wasn’t coming off easy. When I tighten the puller screw, It didn’t budge. I was hopping the bolts wouldn’t strip out the hub, because of the pressure. I kept turning the screw. Then it released like a gun going off. I haven’t worked on a hub seized up like this in a long time. The Silver Special had a few other parts welded by corrosion. This will be a great scooter when Daniel work out a few small problem. The Harbor Freight, Tie Rod/Pitman Arm Puller cost $14. All together the hub tool cost $18, and took a few hours to make. I used 3 washers for this project. 4 washers would have been better. I could see the 3 washers beginning to bend just before the hub released. Anthony Armstrong anthonyscooterwork.com ASD scooter designs
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    **DISREGARD This is only for the SH2/22 Dellorto** Jet it like a GP150 Slide 7895 - 2 Atomizer 5899 - 2 Main jet 118 Pilot 45 Choke 50 1-2 turns on mix From there you can determine what's going on. You'll probably be a little rich but it should be close.
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    Hello guys. I finally made it to a scooter rally this year. Austin Hill Country Classic 2017 I’ve been too broke, sick, busy, shooting motorcycle drag racing and more. I found the time to loaded up the scooter on my shitty harbor freight trailer, hopped in my 1990 Acura Integra and made it to Austin. I always love riding vintage scooter in Austin, and had a good time at the Hill Country Classic. The camping situation sucked. The rally organizers can’t be blamed, because the campground owners change the rules for scooters, out of the blue. That sucked. Life goes on, time to ride scooters. The raffle bike was funny! With that rusty DL front fender. I saw the guy riding it in the parking lot. Thinking, why would he do that, just to find out it’s the raffle bike, Texas style. haha Up to no good! Here’s the link to my photos and video homepage: http://www.getbent-sc.com/hill-country_classic2017/austin_hill_country_classic_home.htm
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    I'd like to wish the Santa Cruz contingent good luck as well. Whichever bid is chosen, I'm certain will be a great event.
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    I want to say I'm completely neutral on this, and hope whoever wins gets all they wished for. Just think it's a little early to be advertising on Scoot.net for a rally you haven't technically won yet?
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    Favouritism! If they can't get it done by the date, what chance do they have of organising rally?
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    Good video here, some cool drone footage. BTW, LALO is now a Facebook group. That's pretty much how the word got out. No more craigslist, etc.
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    Drop your main jet and get leaner needles for a ph. You'll want to get a needle set to try out different combinations. MB has a good listing of needle sizes on his carb set up page to pinpoint where you need to make changes.
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    I got a ton of that list. Will put together and let you know. Where do I send it when it's ready? Off the top of my head, I know I have and will send out; New KBA big bore Simplified electronic loom AC ignition switch (Casa) Factory ground strap Brake light switch
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    There's the rub. When you said it had a 22 I wrongfully assumed a SH2/22 and not a phbl22. Same size, different animal. you're going to want to get in the 90's (maybe lower) main jet range and make sure you have the correct needle. Since it runs it can't be too far off. For reference, I run the ph 24 on a couple of bikes with 190 top ends. Both carbs ended up in the low 100's (102 and 108).
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    Twins! Well kinda - I don't have a pool - pic was taken at the Duluth Jammy. I'm sure others with better tech knowledge will chime in (like Mike that already has) but once you move away from stock, each new component seems to exponentially affect the smooth running and dependability of the scooter. Going back to a verified dependable stock SH type 18 carb is a good choice, but if it was running fine with the 22 (is it a stock SH, or newer PHBL Del?) it could be as easy as a good clean of the current carb. And if it's the PHBL type, a needle clip position change (or changing to a different needle) can make all the difference. Stupid question, but relevant to we high elevation types, did the Special come to you from a place with the same elevation as you? Also, when did it last run 'well'? Sorry to possibly make things more murky, I'll go back to watching the rain here, it's rare we get any, glad our Portland friends could send it this way. Happy trails!
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    BTW in the current design, the clock works independently from the electrical system,with a battery mounted on the bottom that you can easily change but it should last at least a couple of years. However the LED lights for backlight are meant to be wired to the electrical system so they will turn on with the lights. They are 12V so they work with a varitronic, I will have to find somebody to test them on a 6V system to see if they are ok or if I need different LEDs. They work on AC but for safety I wired everything through an AC to DC rectifier/converter since LEDs don't really like AC. Here below is a picture of a matching mod you can do to your LD speedo in order to have a matching backlighting. You cant' fully go around the circumference since the mechanism is square and has to sit in between the gaps between the strips. The black goop you see is electical liquid tape, to insulate the soldered connections. Depending on the model, you might have to file the interior lip of the chrome ring (the one that pushes on the face) in few areas to allow for the light to come through from behind. LEDs are the ultra warm 2500K type and I've also added an inline dimmer to customize the output. Let me know if interested, I can tell you which LEDs since there's very little space and there's only one type that fits, I have to go back on all the receipts and figure out which one.
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    Texas would probably be considered as 'Central' and be up for a Jamboree in 2019. That's been the system in the past, but it's always open to discussion, especially if the 'designated' region doesn't put up a bid in 'their' year. A Texas Jammy would be great.
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    Looking forward to it next year as well!
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    No worries, figured it was something like that Damn interwebs!
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    I'd just like to say Good Luck guys. I'm happy who ever wins, as if you do.... I get to ride up to Seattle :-)
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    Got me hyped for Seattle 2018!
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    Similar to English and European rallies of the '50s-'60s, the OREGON 100 is a time-speed-distance ride, featuring a scenic ride with checkpoints along the way. Riders pick an average time, checkpoints record the time a rider passes through for each stage. End of the ride, stages are added up. rider closest to his/her projected average for the course, wins. Similar to car rallies too.
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    Hub pullers are in supply here. Look north!
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    Big news. I have been in discussion with members of the UK Mod band, The Chords, and they have agreed to play the rally. It'll only be two of the 4 original members but best I could do. To pull this off, I'll also have to organise gigs elsewhere, but there you go.... Beat That! Oh, wait, that was the Purple Hearts!
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    Looks like a great time...thanks for the awesome pics! Good to see so many Lammys.
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    I realize you're just getting up to speed on your proposal, but accommodations on the web site sound a bit random. For those making the trip out of state, a central hotel with adequate parking is preferred. Parking a van/trailer somewhere in SF and riding to Santa Cruz doesn't sound realistic for people outside the region, great if you're a local though.
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    There's plenty of roads we can use.... and what's wrong with a 2000ft mountain? :-D
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    Thanks. It was obvious some people wanted a seriously long ride, and this has worked well in Oz. I think we usually got about 25% of attendees doing the Mille and about 1/3rd break down :-o
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    Great meeting you at LALO Siobhan. And thanks for stepping up into leadership on this so quickly. Have you all looked at this place? Maybe rent the whole thing out. It still is probably not big enough. http://www.fernriver.com/cabins.php Actually the Happy Valley place may be perfect. THey are taking bookings for 2018 and June and July are open right now. http://www.happyvalleycc.org/facilities/ Pelayo
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    The race is this week!!
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    so i just bought a 1965 li150 silver special it runs great and is pretty quick, its all stock besides a new pipe i assume is stock just new, and a new 22 del orto carb. it hits the power band at weird times, and has to build up to its top speed and if you hit full throttle loses power. bogs down i got into the carb the main jet was a 110, so i dropped down to a 108 and that made it hesitate at full throttle. anthony suggested trying it with no air filter, so i did, same issue. so i have some more testing to do. i have not looked at the plug yet to see if it seems rich or lean, i just bought the bike this weekend. also i understand weak spark or weak magnito could also be suspect. also the lights are not working on the bike, so yeah i have a few issue to track down.. so any input would be great... thnxs.. my initially feeling is the main jet is to big.
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    Ok found this over the weekend New KBA big bore Simplified electronic loom AC ignition switch (Casa) Factory ground strap Brake light switch Add to it a pair of tank straps and a clutch arm tool. I probably won't be able to make it but at least I can kick down to help it happen. Will ship out tomorrow.
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    It's a common 8mmx15mm
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    I see that you were more sure with this post.
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    Turns out I didnt upgrade. I rebuilt the big scary carb and its ran fantastic ever since.
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    i know yall think texas is hot all the time but we have 4 seasons like the rest of USA
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    Better see some Lost Boys Lamby Chops there then...
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    I thought that his clutch outer sheathing shifted its position resulting in it getting "longer"...?? this in turn resulted in the inner cable getting "shorter" resulting in the corks slipping slightly = burnt up / glazed up and our pal Randy used 3 rear tires for some reason during that rally...