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    Folks! We decided on a date! It will be July 19-22, 2018 in Seattle. Lots and lots of details to follow. The hotel we picked only has 73 rooms and Seattle is quite expensive so we will propose to get your rooms early. We have also been thinking through the rides and logistics and think we will have a great program and wonderful rides.
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    Just got home from a nice long ride and boy, what a difference. This bike finally has some power that was sorely missing and it is so much more fun to ride. I'll bet that a better pipe would be a nice addition as well.
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    here's mine, bought from the Seattle Auction recently:
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    All done but the crying. Special thanks to the club for helping make this happen. 2nd ave for making the deal happen Lopez for a bunch of parts. Scooters O for the tail light and other parts. Scooter restorations for the bulk of the Starstream specific bits
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    Ever have one of those "Ah Ha !" moments ? Using my molding profiler ( I am a cabinet/furniture maker) I got this . Clearly shows relationship between head and piston. I measure ( as close as i can) the deck height at .8mm. IMG_20170822_0002.pdf
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    At that point you're getting in to custom tuning. There is no factory 24 option. You'd need to replace the intake manifold and get a Dellorto PHBH 24 ( I think, that or a PHBL I can never remember) or Mikuni TM24. Since you're going with the bigger carb you might as well go with the less restricted exhaust. Here's the rub, in my experience the TV200 gear box only likes stock or VERY tuned motors. Anything in between tends to be pretty gutless and annoying. I think you should get a beater LI and put a stupid fast build in it. That will satisfy the need for speed and not devalue the TV200.
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    So I went for it and took the squish down to .116. World of difference in this bike since I did this. Around here it's like a three speed with overdrive, but with the added power it is almost perfect. Before, you were just kidding yourself if you put it in fourth.
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    Ok, I will just say that this place was not my favorite idea, but it does have an amazing Polynesian pool in what was once the school gymnasium. Upstairs from the giant pool is a tiki bar that has some good drinks but really good snacks. I am not the ambassador for this thing (I am actually trying to stay out of planning) but Anthony and I are the only two who are really on here and I can just speak for the scenery. Also, I have never really seen it as crowded as this picture shows.
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    W We are working out the group rate with McMenamins which will be more affordable.
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    I did but I threw it inthe trash with all the other V3$p@ shit I used to own. Lambretta all the way, baby!
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    3-1/2 years later, I have progress to report! Yes, I have committed the immortal sin of placing one project in front of another! Motor underway too. Assembly begins soon!
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    Not nearly as 'orange' as the leggy on your TV, eh? My old brain is failing me 🙃
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    here is the series 1 when I found it
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    I wash everything with purple power diluted and clean real good. then I can soak some parts in evaporust or use evaporust with blue towels and syran wrap in big areas. use it for 12-24 hours and need to repeat if heavy rust. then clean and buff and wax. Yes, Scott that was a good one. here is a few pics of my TV200 that I did .
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    I love (and own) 'scruffy' motos, but if you're in a wet/humid area that's a lot of 'patina' to keep in a static state. If you go the rust 'arrest' mode with one of the common products used by we connoisseurs of oxidation, you're going to have a lot of black patches where the arrestor does its job - kinda ugly. I don't let the actual orange rust build up - I use mega fine steel wool or scotch brite pads to remove it, then McGuires (sp?) wax to protect it. We are very dry here, so I can get away with doing that a couple times a year if I'm not riding in a lot of rain. My scooters are garaged too. Surface rust if unattended will become structural, no good of course. If it's original paint you'll have better luck too than with a respray. My '59 S1 that I got from Mike in Portland (and now owned by a buddy here in Denver) was very orange in spots when he found it, but it buffed out beautifully to its factory colors (blue and white). My Silver Special isn't nearly as nice, but the previous owner monkey'd with the paint a bit. Patina can be a lot of work to keep in check, but it's only original once, eh? (I can hear puking in the audience from that statement 😀). Good luck!
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    The trouble with any carb or exhaust change is that most likely you'll need to grind the barrel out to match things. Not sure I would do that to a tv200 barrel. If you ever did decide you wanted to play around with the top end, I might shelf the tv barrel and start with a GP200 set up. You can get them pretty cheap. Then you can grind away guilt free!
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    I bought this heavy duty steel one (pictured): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002MGKN2A/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It worked great but was too heavy and dumped the back of my car such that I often would scrape coming in and out of driveways. I recently sold it and got a lighter-weight aluminum one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001IUV1CM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Works fine... does not scrape.
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    with the old head, the angle between the piston crown and the squish band was steep and the new one yielded almost parallel surfaces. I had this thing out on I 84 in Danbury today cruising in the middle lane passing cars. oh yeah.....now I gotta go out with the old Garmin. ....... and track down one rattle
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    Now would be a good time to post a picture of your scooter. There is a good chance someone here will know where it came from and where the original engine went. Hell, maybe I have it. Ha.
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    PM Kieran after a few days ( he's probably dealing withIrma/hurricane stuff,eh?) and I'm sure he can get you sorted.
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    Just picked this up in Seattle. it's a '63. Looks low mileage but in need of a paint job and motor rebuild. Hopefully I'll have it on the road this Spring. Thanks Ryan for the assist!
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    Oh, and I'll just say... I have them in stock, https://lambrettaconcessionaires.com.au/products/ultimate-progessive-fork-springs They are A$36 a pair (I haven't moved the web site here yet - but that's about US$29) plus postage. Red is for road, Yellow is for Race (Stiffer)
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    That rules out a lot of people. If building your own bike is what the challenge is then great. I'm all in. If it's the ability to get from A to B with out getting lost then that's good too. Personally I don't care who builds what as long as it's known (both good and bad).
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    Dean speed has some nice progressive springs too for bargain, think i paid $40 for mine and love them
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    Going up the coast from San Jose. 5 days. 1176 miles. I may have to ride to Bakersfield just so you don't beat me on distance :-D
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    Like that's even possible. Personally I like the forks so stiff they almost want to skip the front wheel. This way you can really get your weight on them in the turns and there is less dive when braking.
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    There is a few great rides that really never exceed 45 mph from Seattle to Port Angeles (my hometown) and takes about three hours from ferry to ferry. Also the ride from Seattle to Vancouver can be done under 55 mph but from Anthony and my recent experiences, can get a bit monotonous and takes about 5+ hours. Coming back post Vancouver Rally, we just bombed down I5 doing 70 mph most the way. I am sure that there will also be other hotels nearby as to not freak people out about the rooms quantity.
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    Here's photos of the starstream I've spent the last 2 years messing with (as time permits). Its been a mechanical rebuild only.
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    Sweet! -- Thanks Scott and K-dog! Tom
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    And the winner is ThomasK! Thanks for playing.
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    I did this to mine and it worked just fine. I had the slightest drag ( contact) enough to rub off the paint but leave the primer before I noticed it.
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    Thanks again. I'll try the elongating method first. I also need to check to see if my shroud might have a slight, gradual ding in it causing it to dent inwards. The stock flywheel didn't scrape so I'm guessing the BGM must sit a little taller.
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    Stewards at the Isle of Manx TT races lose control of the crowd
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    I'll chime in here as devil's advocate and just say that if you really want to enjoy riding this scooter, just set the whole top end on the shelf and get the RT225 kit. you can use your stock carb/exhaust, or you can upgrade those and still have a reliable (stock-ish) scooter that is actually fun to ride.
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    This Christmas: Planet of the Cats...... Trailer: (Dog in battered collar speaking to Cat captors) "Take your filthy hands off me you cats!" Spoiler Alert: "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you to hell!"
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    A scene from Roman Catnip
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    That is a glorious tool!!!!
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    I know! Could of had a muscle car for that kind of money back then. My uncle bought it used from the original owner within 5 months of it's delivery. If I remember right he bought it for $2500. Hope to have it up and running for next years 4th of July parade in Clarkston MI. Also since I love Halloween, i'll have it outside of my house for the kiddies.
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    so is the one you won!
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    Derek is is talking about the squish between the piston head and the cylinder head when it's at top dead center. If it's too thick or there is damage to your cylinder head, or a leak, you won't have any bang for your buck. Google search on Lambretta cylinder head squish band
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    I will do as you suggest, starting out slow. The spray paint is on the legsheild, front fender, left floorboard, toolbox door, bridge peice, frame arch. As for the rust on small parts I have a Tupper ware tub with rust remover I dip parts in. For the larger parts, Im just going to rub down with steel wool, and finish with acf 50. It's going to be a sleeper. Looks rough but clean, modern brakes and suspension with a reedvalved rapido.