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  2. come on!! somebody get this!! enter for $30!!! YES only $30!!!
  3. Kieran cuts them out and a sweet old lady he knows sews them up. He mails them to Chris at Blockhead Printing here in Minneapolis to get printed and Matt gets them from him and ships them to all our wonderful members who buy them.
  4. next step will be straighten out bent parts, weld holes and then use a touch up gun with some 2K single stage paint to blend the paint in. Do you guys know if there's a chemical to strip the powder coating without damaging the bronze bushing? MEK/Aircraft stripper?
  5. I was saying, nothing is 100% perfect, just wanted to document what happens in real life... Few bent parts The bottom of the toolbox had a rust hole and they did not notice...I will have to sand it, drill a hole, weld and retouch paint Oviously, even if we discussed the issue beforehand, they painted the toolbox door while closed so it's now shut solid ALL of my masking was taken out and painted over (brake pivot point, steering tube,etc) but the worst bit is the torsion bar bushing And there are few spots that were missed
  6. Finally some parts are back! The powdercoaters did a good job as you can see, but there is some work done to refinish... I've also got the chromed parts back, but had to return the top steering flange because it was polished the other way it will be rechromed and re-polished.
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  8. I'm looking for a jetting starting point on my Jet 200 It has an aluminum Indian 225 cylinder (no porting done) and a new BGM Big Box 3.0 exhaust. Thanks for any advice.
  9. What Sam said, snap of one on the other side, won't hurt anything. Most important is making sure you have the correct cowling on there. Short fins absolutely needs short cowl.
  10. In the eighties nearly every Lambretta on the road had at least one broken flywheel fin. We couldn't get our hands on any shop tools back then and had to make do with hammers and screwdrivers (we were 16 & 17 years old!). The missing fin(s) didn't seem to have any negative affect. Some would snap the opposite one off to "balance" the flywheel. Personally I feel the more fins you have the better the more effective the cooling will be.
  11. I was not sure which forum to post this is, or who to privately sorry if I'm in the wrong spot. I was wondering who makes the club leg shield banners? I am interested in buying some blank banners and the LCUSA ones are super sweet. Thank you! - Heather
  12. I'm gonna tell Martin you broke his bike.
  13. Next item up is something from my personal collection. It was a gift from Tino to me and is a reproduction of a genuine 6o's accessory. They tracked down the original manufacturer and had them remade perfectly. It is a Lambretta Series 3 rain poncho that covers the rider and the scooter. It has an elastic port that the headlight pokes through to keep it in place along with a hood for the rider. The back is screen printed with the Lambretta Club Lombardia logo. This is brand new and never used or displayed. First $60 gets it and 2 entries in the drawing!
  14. So Gorilla Glue is out? Thanks. This is my first Lambretta. I've run broken fins on V3$p@s and extremely light flywheels on V3$p@s, but wanted to double check. I figured it wouldn't matter much given it's just a fin but sometimes like to double check to make sure.
  15. run it without. one fin isn't that big a deal. otherwise buy a new flywheel or weld it back on properly.
  16. I had my flywheel sitting in a metal tub soaking in some degreaser and dropped a hammer off my workbench - right onto a fin that broke clean off. 1969 DL125 w/Deanspeed 190 kit. So can I JB weld this thing back on? run it anyway with a broken fin? Order a new one?
  17. good time to start planning. spots will fill up quick.
  18. Now at $1150.00 FredGarvin just did $35 Thanks!! Mel 2 Zachary 1 Jen Parker 1 Peter 1 Scott 1 DerekM 1 Mike Anhalt 5 Starr 4 Mr.G 2 Tinker 4 Charliefentonsboy 1 Janel 1 Brooklyn Pete 1 PeteAK 1 Darren 1 FredGarvin 1
  19. Awww yeaahhhh...sent....
  20. Now at $1115.00 Who is next? I got a mystery package for the next person that plops down $35.00 to get entered!
  21. I'd highly recommend you swap the actuator out for one that has a high tensile center washer. The few repros I've seen don't come with them. Campagnolo designed them this way for a reason. Last thing you want is the actuator to split apart when jamming on the brakes.
  22. I "heard" that!!!
  23. I have a Campagnolo one for sale. It's already been powdercoated Cardinal blue. It's beautiful.
  24. The ScootRS units are fine for the $. I have run 2 with no issues. Except you need to replace the darn soap bar brake pads. If it doesnt have the ScootRS stamp inside the hub then its something other. like Sterling or Spaq which are junk. I had a sterling item someone gave me. It was horrible quality - gave it away to someone else for parts.
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  26. i bought one, no stamping or makers mark anywhere, side by side looks identical to a scootRS copy. will update once i install
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