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  2. Eibar LD

    love the Spanish models!
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  5. Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    Please try to make it the weekend before or the weekend after the 4th of July. If possible.
  6. EuroSchwagg 2017 Contest #1

    I swear to Christ...if you two don't stop that now I will turn this thing around and go straight home!
  7. EuroSchwagg 2017 Contest #1

    Dad, have you seen mum ?
  8. EuroSchwagg 2017 Contest #1

    Now that's riding "bitch."
  9. Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    We have a meeting this weekend to discuss the dates.
  10. Eibar LD

    Wow! welcome to the club and thanks for sharing pics. Wonderful looking scoots
  11. 700 miles of trip with a lambretta LD by Spanish roads

    Beautiful! Makes me want to take my LD on an adventure. Thanks for the great write up and pics the scenery was amazing.
  12. 10+ Years - one scoot

    Looking good!
  13. New site software?

    I have to update it every few weeks and the one yesterday must have been pretty fancy! Honestly it just tells me to do it and I log in and hit a few buttons. No idea how it really works as I'm not a computer guy, I just chicken peck my way through it when I have to.
  14. New site software?

    Just noticed today that at least on the mobile version things are a little more 'slick' - did we get new server or software? Seems fine - special thanks to those running this show behind the curtain. 😀
  15. EuroSchwagg 2017 Contest #1

    Three times around the park, Jeeves -- you know how I like the park.
  16. EuroSchwagg 2017 Contest #1

    Remember when you said you don't need to fill up at the last stop?
  17. EuroSchwagg 2017 Contest #1

    Ruff rider
  18. Indian summer

    Its a widget that allows the late model Indian fork link to work with an Italian inboard disc setup.
  19. So here is what I got to giveaway: LC Ulster Euro 2017decal LC Swiss decal EuroLam Davos 2014 decal Scooter Club Madrid LC Swiss keychain LC France EuroLam 2017 Magnet USA Euro decal And here is your picture: caption away:
  20. 2007 2013 2017
  21. Membership perks!?! Vendor Discounts?

    Access to members-only forum, magazines, annual patch, discounted entry to Jamboree, 10% discount at Scooters Originali on Scootopia parts. Membership in the greatest Lambretta club in the world For me, it's been mostly about the lifelong friendships with other like minded enthusiasts that I would have only gotten through this club right here. You don't realize that is a benefit until a few years after you have been in the club and hanging around the forum.
  22. So, I'm wanting to help the TX Ambassador with a LCUSA membership drive, and wanted to see what benefits membership gets you. I saw this thread, and thought I'd note: - only one of the vendors listed (Sole Power) seems to still be in existence. Are there any others (Jet200, Scooter-Speed, Scooters-O, etc) offering discounts? - also, if I'm a new member, what does registering get me? Access to members-only forums, able to go to Lammy Jammy, membership patch, and Specialist subscription...is that correct? Is there anything else?
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  24. LUI/VEGA conversion to J125 4M

    You use the Vega hubs on the conversion. You actually use the Vega lay shaft. It's the gearbox, crank, cylinder, barrel, head that you change. Depending on the model of Vega, you may also have to change the mag housing too (roller bearing and needle bearing variants). If you put the engine in, then the rear shock mounts are different, so you now get into modifications on that.
  25. Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    do we have an approximate date yet?
  26. Indian summer

    Enlighten me please, what is that?
  27. 700 miles of trip with a lambretta LD by Spanish roads

    Looks Epic!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your adventure.
  28. canopy tent needed

    I need to check the forum more often. I could have brought one. Of course I didn't get there until after the swap meet was over, so it wouldn't have done you any good but I'm here for you buddy!
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