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  2. Since when did the Lambretta Club USA become an "international group of people hosting rallies for decades?" Is that like referring to me, myself and I as "us?"
  3. casino locations near both bids?? btw both look like solid bids.
  4. good seeing you at the rally Anthony. nice photos.
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  6. Ming rules!
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  8. already working on it!
  9. oh dear.... because it is true! Dypers anyone?
  10. I might have peed myself a little if this is true.
  11. Looking forward to it next year as well!
  12. I'd like to wish the Santa Cruz contingent good luck as well. Whichever bid is chosen, I'm certain will be a great event.
  13. Voting will end on Sunday, June 11th at midnight and we'll be voting right here on the forum. We'll also send out an email to members to come here and vote so we get the best results we can. This will be a good one as I'm not sure but don't think we have had a proper Jammy election since Minnesota lost to Colorado Springs.
  14. No worries, figured it was something like that Damn interwebs!
  15. oops, I forgot the vote for us section. My apologies to Seattle.
  16. I'd just like to say Good Luck guys. I'm happy who ever wins, as if you do.... I get to ride up to Seattle :-)
  17. how long will voting be open? we'll vote here, on the LCUSA site? thanks
  18. I want to say I'm completely neutral on this, and hope whoever wins gets all they wished for. Just think it's a little early to be advertising on for a rally you haven't technically won yet?
  19. Got me hyped for Seattle 2018!
  20. Similar to English and European rallies of the '50s-'60s, the OREGON 100 is a time-speed-distance ride, featuring a scenic ride with checkpoints along the way. Riders pick an average time, checkpoints record the time a rider passes through for each stage. End of the ride, stages are added up. rider closest to his/her projected average for the course, wins. Similar to car rallies too.
  21. more exciting stuff added. If we win, The Chords UK (The Chords were a major UK Mod band from 79 to 82) have agreed to play.
  22. It'll be embarrassing when you have to give that Facebook page to Santa Cruz :-D Nice entry.
  23. We've got 2 very strong bids for 2018 so we will be having a vote for the location of the 2018 Jamboree. Voting will begin on Monday, June 5th so that gives both groups a little over a week to lobby to tell members to vote for them. In case you missed the bids they are: And
  24. nice work!
  25. Facebook page:
  26. Thee Lambretta Club would like to present our submission for Lambretta Jamboree 2018 in Seattle.Members of our club have participated in planning rallies here in Seattle for decades as members of LGG, VCOS, R-Gang, and several other local clubs. From AmeriV3$p@, to Scooter Insanity or Meant to Offend.
  27. Hub pullers are in supply here. Look north!
  28. WhatUp Lambretta club Some of you know about Daniel Smith getting the Silver Special Lambretta. I saw this scooter a number of years back at a rally. The scooter was complete, but a bit crusty. If I remember correct, the guy wanted to get it worked on, but didn’t have the extra cash at the time. 2017 Daniel gets the scooter, hopping to start riding it right away. That didn’t happen? The reason? The motor needs rebuilding! It’s a good thing he didn’t keep trying to ride it, because there were a number of things wrong, that needed to be fixed immediately. Here’s where my story starts. Daniel needed a parts list. I couldn’t make the list until I got the Dam rear hub off! It was like, welded on. I tried all of my old school tricks. It wouldn’t come off. It’s time to finally buy a Lambretta hub puller tool! I went online to buy the tool, and every shop was sold out. I didn’t want to stop working, so I made one. I went to Lowe’s and picked up, 3mm thick washers that would fit over the rear hub axle threads perfect. I got lucky with this washer because drilling the center hole out would have been a pain. This 3mm thick washers had a UAJ stamp on it. It should be easy to find. I picked up 1½ inch bolts to fit in the hub’s three pulley holes. I found this Harbor Freight, Tie Rod/Pitman Arm Puller. It look like it might work, with what I was thinking of doing. I use regular paper to make a template. You can use the washers center for a guide to cut out your starter hole or make a punch tool out of a old socket like I did. This is the only times dirty parts come in handy. Place the paper over the hubs axle and simply rub your finger over the area to make the hole pattern mark. This part is very important. The punch marks has to be center. I taped the pattern to the washer. Then flipped it over to make the punch marks. To save time drilling out the washers. I use vice grips to hold them together. I needed something to lineup washers and found the backend of a socket worked great for this. Using a drill press for this part is the only way to go. If I drill it with a hand drill, I would have broken every drill bit I own. Most of you hardcore gear-heads know to start with a small drill bit first. The last drill bit size I used was 9/32. I had to modify the puller arms, to center the puller on the hubs axle. The puller worked great. That Silver Special rear hub wasn’t coming off easy. When I tighten the puller screw, It didn’t budge. I was hopping the bolts wouldn’t strip out the hub, because of the pressure. I kept turning the screw. Then it released like a gun going off. I haven’t worked on a hub seized up like this in a long time. The Silver Special had a few other parts welded by corrosion. This will be a great scooter when Daniel work out a few small problem. The Harbor Freight, Tie Rod/Pitman Arm Puller cost $14. All together the hub tool cost $18, and took a few hours to make. I used 3 washers for this project. 4 washers would have been better. I could see the 3 washers beginning to bend just before the hub released. Anthony Armstrong ASD scooter designs
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